Adoption Tales - Henry

"Well, here he is! My little man! Taken after digging for ants under a freshly watered (and muddy) shrub in the garden! Trying to coax him out left me muddier than him. Curiously, although he doesn't mind sticking his face in the dirt, he is very precious about getting his paws dirty. We have to clean his face on a daily basis, but he so patient and doesn't mind at all.

Henry is an absolute delight! He has grown into his ears and over-long legs and tail, and become a gorgeous little character, as bright as a button and very intelligent. Cats are supposed to be inscrutable, but Henry is the exception. He has such an expressive little face, and is incredibly loving and very cuddly. He is very vocal, and will let us know if he has managed to get himself trapped in a cupboard after exploring. When "lost", he will respond to his name being called. Opening doors is a doddle - he mastered the art very early on. The loo fascinates him, and he tight-rope walks around the edge of the bath with great aplomb. He is partial to ball games on TV, and runs behind the screen to see if he can locate the ball. His toy box is a source of great joy ... he knows how to tip it up on its side so he
can get to his toys easily, and he puts them back! Raggy is his favourite - a knitted mouse which was new when we bought it but is now a matted ball of fluff resembling a "blob". Raggy sleeps next to him - he brings it upstairs
every evening, before settling down to sleep.

Bo, our Tabby, is still the Alpha cat, and Henry has finally accepted the fact! She has been so patient with him although we do have the occasional hissy moment when she is hungry, tired and fed up with his antics and energy. Usually all three! They groom each other and curl up together.

henry mucking aboutHenry has recovered well from his neutering op. In fact you'd never know he had had surgery, apart from being a bit dopey straight after. His appetite was undiminished. He is partial to soft scrambled egg, and will filch food
from Bo's bowl after wolfing down his own. He is now allowed into the garden, under supervision, and gallops up and down the lawn, stopping to investigate a plant which takes his fancy, or attempt to catch a flying insect. He has a tendency to chew grass, but definitely is not a fan of wild garlic - he literally grimaced after a mouthful, and spat it out.
Henry is hopeless at tree-climbing. It is hilarious to watch. He measures the run-up distance very carefully before launching himself at the trunk. Invariably he lands 12 inches up the trunk before sliding back down and walking away with a look that says "I hope no one saw that".

Very best wishes from both of us, Henry and Bo.

Mark and Marilyn"