Adoption Tales - Asbo

Asbo, also occasionally known as Oscar, is a beautiful white kitty with a mischievous disposition, hence the name bestowed upon him by his new owners!

A few weeks into his stay at his new home ...

"Here's some photos that I promised to send of Asbo. The last photo I took today. I think he's getting bigger. He's not the easiest cat to photograph as he doesn't say still! We've had him for a week now and he's worn me out. It's like having a baby again. He's a good boy really and is so affectionate between his wild times. Our cats are not too happy with him. They've accepted that he lives here too but he doesn't help matters when he keeps jumping on them. Things will be easier when I can leave them unsupervised. He's lots of fun though and totally living up to his name. We also call him Oscar, but he's having more Asbo than Oscar moments!"